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Heather by blaqueOX

She reminds me of Kim Jong II, Kim Possible and Renee from Mew Mew.

The colors, clothes lipgloss are so cool!

THIS IS AWESOMENESS yay yay yay squee squee squee squee teehee teehee teehee teehee yay the hair and yellow skin pop! Dat eye color!

That's epic win pic I just love this OMG XD LAWL RAWR

PS: Im not trolling but i can't believe my eyes so sexy omg

Ijust love that pic!

I just like sexy asian chinese chicks like this! Dt expression is sexy!

So incredible amazing in 10 seconds flat!

Nice work this one YAY!
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blaqueOX Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thank you for the nice critique^ ^
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